Anne Katrine Senstad: Beckoned to Blue

April 3 - May 31, 2019



Elements III

Neon light sculpture - immersive installation, 2019

The exhibition’s centerpiece, "Elements III" defines the environment as luminous blues that envelope the fabric of our cognitive body. Made up of monochromatic squares of light defined by an inner blue spectral vertical portal centered in the space, the viewer experiences the interior and exterior light sculptures, resonating through prismatic frequencies. The immersive quality offers the viewer a dialectic between center and horizon—the sculptural light composition enveloping us with a sense of the infinite. Senstad’s cosmology of spacetime and light beckons you to a matrix of horizontal and vertical expressions of blue light, evoking fractal topologies. In space, distance is the present—the horizon extending far beyond our frame of reference as blue columns of light ascend to the empyrean. Senstad’s interpretation of blue as physical environment is informed as much by the artist’s curiosity about the emotional, physiological, and scientific phenomena that constitute our concept of color as it serves her lifelong desire to capture the impossible beauty and sensorial properties of color in the abstract.



Beckoned to Blue

HD video, 18:32 min, 2019

Senstad’s sensory chamber installation represents the internal geography of the viewer’s physical self. Here, the installation brings the public into an architecturally reductive private chamber, echoing the internal - the physiological and psychological experience of the work. Playing on a 18:32 minute loop within the chamber, the video work, "Beckoned to Blue," travels through compositions in multiple hues of blue. The accompanying sound piece for the video, "The Well-Tuned Marimba" (1976), composed and performed by electronic sound pioneer and mathematician Catherine Christer Hennix, creates sparkling spatial sensations between the gravity of Hennix’s keyboard, sine-wave generator, and the Sheng - a traditional Chinese polyphonic reed instrument that merges Hennix’s ocular minimalist sound with the aural color spheres evident in the video. 



Photographic works

Digital photographic c prints from scanned original color film negatives, 2012 - 2013


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