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Cate Woodruff: Light Minded

January 8 - March 4, 2020

Cate Woodruff: Light Minded copy: Headliner
Cate Woodruff: Light Minded copy: Photo Gallery

"Empty Space Inside An Argument"

18 piece hanging sound sculpture, 2019

Archival Direct Prints on Plexiglass

In "Empty Space Inside an Argument," Cate Woodruff examines how we share, create, inhabit, perceive and define space, objects, language and landscapes. How do space and the borders we believe in separate and connect us at the same time? Can we inhabit space without definition of objects or literal boundaries? Does empty space expand as our perception of it does? "Empty Space Inside an Argument" is the recognition of absolute connectivity, continual impermanence, empty space in everything, and our deep understanding of, and ability to exist in a state of heightened awareness, generosity and creative openness.

The sculpture consists of three sets of six shapes, on which photographs of light captured with hand-made lenses between reflective surfaces have been printed. The shapes are the empty spaces between letters in the argumentative repetitive words, NOTNOTNOT. Space inside an argument exists beyond our fixation with fear, anger and aggression. In an argument, empty space, silence and bliss exist between words and action and are often an unnoticed through line obscured from consciousness by our attention to a desired outcome. These silences and spaces contain intelligence beyond the self, connected to endless empty space.

Measurements of the shapes, depth, circumference and diameter, between the words NOTNOTNOT are transposed into notes in the chromatic scale, composed into sound and music by David Van Tieghem.

Cate Woodruff: Light Minded copy: Gallery
Cate Woodruff: Light Minded copy: Photo Gallery
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