KITRA: Paintings & Drawings

February 9 - April 9, 2021


Kitra (1981) is a Romanian artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. As a painter, he draws inspiration from the urban landscape, industrial design and the digital world, using a mathematical approach to create his geometric abstract-minimalist compositions.


"I enjoy taking measurements, calculating, adding, and dividing. The mathematical process itself feels like a pictorial gesture, as liberating as it might be for someone else to paint freely using expressive brush strokes."


Kitra was born in the grim concrete landscape of communist Romania and grew up in a post-revolutionary climate characterized by chaos. This upbringing created a need for escapism, which shaped his visual language towards the use of bold primary colors, basic shapes and an obsessive preoccupation for cleanliness and order, constantly present throughout his work.

Most of Kitra's creative process takes place in the digital environment, allowing him the opportunity to explore endlessly and satisfy his ever-changing interests. He primarily uses acrylic paint and tape to obtain an opaque and clean finish, in order to closely mimic the impeccable imagery on the screen. Kitra also finds inspiration in the abstract language of urban signage and online graphic interfaces which play the role of communicating complex directions in the most simple and intuitive ways.


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